Extraordinary pictures from Fabio Barboni

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Extraordinary picture from a young Italian illustrator Fabio Barboni look both at the beginning of last century Art Nouveau and modern Japanese anime. Unusual imitation of Japanese motifs in the Art Nouveau style.

Fabio wrote about himself is that he lives in Italy, in the city of Ferrara. He paints a picture of a very unusual and enjoys listening to Trip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Electronic, Indie. Unfortunately, it's all about the author. Anyone interested to get acquainted with the author, visit his gallery on fabio-barboni.deviantart.com and communicate with them on their own. I will be glad to hear from you a little more about this excellent artist.

Pictures Fabio Barboni written in a very delicate pastel colors. Print one of them attributed to the Framing Workshop prices which have become quite acceptable, and we get a great poster that can decorate the living room, office or library. In the beautiful frame of these unusual pictures will look great on any wall. In addition, choose the same frame can be directly through the Internet.

Many of the paintings was a copy of the genre classic Art Nouveau Alphonse Fly. His composition, patterns and decorations very accurately used by the author of these works. However, the bright colors and in a modern three-dimensional characters make these paintings are very original.

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