The most drastic examples of illustrations in print advertising

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Most of the print ad contains a picture and typography. But in this article we want to show you what can be a very effective use of illustrations. And the next time before you create a poster once you check out this article.

Puy Du Fou

Elegant work Les Gros Mots advertising agency for historical theme park Puy du Fou, cleverly combines both photos and graphic, and high-quality typography.

Kiss FM

Effective radio advertising fatal direction as a basis for using the poster 1917, the only head of Uncle Sam's face was replaced by John Lennon.

Red Cross

Saint Bier

In European countries, mainly strong beer brewed monastic orders, and this poster perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the time.

Assassin's Creed

The game takes place in London, the Victorian era, and the creators knowingly made a poster for advertising.


Advertising made of emodzhi.

Evans Cycles

Using vintage style posters also takes place.


Instagram account, which is worth a look

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Instagram downright teeming with sheets of stars, travelers and humorous video blog. And yet, it is the abode of talented artists. And the beauty they create the most different subjects. This material is for 20 people, on whose work can peep in Instagrame. The dose of creativity can be drawn in the morning for a cup of tea or an evening relaxing on the couch. Going through marvelous positions, convinced that we should not simply have no right to hide their passion for the art of the rest of the world. Anaesh
Anaesh Ana Enshina - an artist from London - regularly puts his work in Instagram. She even has a shop for sale wonderful watercolors. Ana favored themes: animals, nature; sometimes slip portraits of people and landscapes.
Brooklyn Street Art

Jaime Rojo invented photographic project: it finds and photographs the street art around the world. Most of the pictures are made on a regular phone.

C + C Mini Factory
C + C Mini Factory - a factory of small things. With the help of small figurines recreated entire life scenes. The uniqueness is that the main characters - animals, which often perform weird things.

Elena Limkina

And here is a freelancer from Russia (Moscow). Look at her awesome watercolor drawings. Elena likes to portray the architecture, birds, plants, and even the skeletons of animals
Hey Studio

Spanish design studio (Barcelona) on creative prints, banners, business cards, stickers and in fact on any surfaces where you can be creative.
Ida Skivenes

This unique Norwegian works of art ... food! Ida creates delicious, terribly attractive, edible art directly from the product. Well, you just take a look!
Jacqueline Poirier

Artists living in Canada (Toronto) also operates gastronomic attributes. Namely, draws on the plates. Moreover, it can be painted as a food, and portraits with landscapes. Very amusing account!
Javier Perez

Javier Perez have its own approach to art. I mean extremely unusual Under "own"! He fancifully combines its minimalist sketches with real objects of reality: pechenyushkami, pencil shavings and ... Clothes hangers
Joana Wirazka

Before you self-taught artist and her sudden canvases. The surprise is that it draws on the entire row: envelopes, coasters, sometimes on paper and very often on the leaves! Inspires her, obviously, the whole world in its diversity.

Justin Maller

And Justin Maller's digital, so to speak, an artist from the United States (New York). Justin Inspired by the fantastic stories. So in your account you can meet Batman, Wolverine, Terminator and master Yoda. By the way, all the figures are geometric. Symmetry some figures arguing with other asymmetries.

Lily Stockman

Graduate of Harvard Lily shows in your account a love for nature, people, art, and his Dalmatian. Amazing collection of photos. Here and plants, and people go about their business, and lots of other seemingly ordinary scenes of life. But you're flipping and flipping ...
Lorraine Loots
Lorraine creates thumbnail images of animals, plants, books and so on. Striking detail of paintings, given their size: the average size of not more than one and a half centimeters.
Manolo Saviantoni

Italian artist, whose building material - pixels! Of the small squares Manolo adds recognizable images. His works are eagerly take away the creators of games and mobile applications.
Mariya Suzuki

Maria draws people and objects everywhere to everywhere you went. The material at hand is different: Mary became a favorite paper cups. In his sketches the artist manages to grasp the nature of every human being.
Nikolai Tolstoy

Another talented compatriot. Nicholas makes a very interesting pictures. His style is certainly unique: he cuts a hole in the sheet of paper in the shape of animals. And then uses a camera and a variety of backgrounds to give his "drawings" color. Delightfully.
Red Hongyi

Native of Malaysia knows no bounds in the skilled research. Her material is getting around: food, utensils, paper, paint, feathers, and iron. I at all desire can not describe this to you. Take a look for yourself at the riot of imagination Ed!
Roy Mallari
Roy - photographer. He photographed his imagination with which the problems clearly has not. He picks up leaves, twigs, eggshells (this number is infinite), and creates installations for your photos.
Runner Kim Hall

This account restless inventor conquer lovers of ease and animals. I visited it this emotion when I gaze at strange and funny composition in soft colors. Her snow-white dog - the cherry on the cake!

Yuri likes to decorate and eat nice food. By the way, almost everything she eats, has a face funny. It's incredibly funny. However kinder world if every person was smiling his food! And Yuri published photos of his 2-year-old cat.
Zoe Williams

Zoe Account - white world felt. She is dragged along from his rabbits, cats, guinea pigs and even unicorns. 90% of the batt zoo - white as snow!

Ten famous contemporary artists

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In this article you'll learn about the most famous and talented artists of our time. And believe me, they will enter operation in your memory is not less deeply than the work of the maestro from past eras.

Wojciech Babski

Wojciech Babski - contemporary Polish artist. He graduated from his studies at the Silesian Polytechnic Institute, but committed himself to painting. Recently, paints mainly women. Focuses on the display of emotion, seeks to obtain the greatest possible effect by simple means.

He loves the color, but often uses shades of black and gray, for the best experience. Do not be afraid to experiment with a variety of new techniques. In recent years, it is gaining more and more popularity abroad, mainly in the UK, where success selling their work, which can already be found in many private collections. Also interested in the art of cosmology and philosophy. He listens to jazz. He currently lives and works in the city of Katowice.

Warren Chang

Warren Chang - a contemporary American artist. Born in 1957 and raised in Monterey, California, graduated from the College of Design Art Center in Pasadena in 1981, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. Over the next two decades he worked as an illustrator for various companies in California and New York, before the 2009 start career as a professional artist. His realistic paintings can be divided into two main categories: biographic interior paintings and pictures representing working people. His interest in this style of painting goes back to the artist of the 16th century, Johannes Vermeer, and applies to objects, self-portraits, portraits of family members, friends, students, studio interiors, class and at home. Its aim is to in his realistic paintings set the mood and emotions through the manipulation of light and the use of muted colors. Chang became known after the transition to the traditional fine arts. Over the past 12 years, he has earned numerous awards and honors, the most prestigious of them - Master Signature of oil painters Association of America, the largest community of artists of oil in the United States. Only one person out of 50, awarded the opportunity to receive this award. Currently, Warren lives in Monterey and works in his studio, he also teaches (known as a talented teacher) at the Academy of Art of San Francisco.

Aurelio Bruni

Aurelio Bruni - Italian artist. He was born in Blair, 15 October 1955. He received a degree in stage design at the Institute of Art in Spoleto. As an artist, he is self-taught as yourself "built the house of knowledge" on the foundations laid at school. Drawing oil began at the age of 19 years. He currently lives and works in Umbria. Early Bruni art is rooted in surrealism, but over time it begins to focus on the intimacy of lyrical romanticism and symbolism, reinforcing a combination of exquisite refinement and purity of their characters. Animate and inanimate objects take on an equal dignity and look almost hyper-realistic, but at the same time, do not hide behind the curtain and allow us to see the essence of his soul. The versatility and sophistication, sensuality and loneliness, melancholy and fruitfulness are the spirit of Aurelio Bruni, fed by the splendor of the art of music and harmony.

Alekasander Balos

Alekasander Balos - contemporary Polish artist specializing in oil painting. Born 1970 in Gliwice, Poland, but since 1989 has lived and worked in the USA, in the city of Shasta, California. As a child, he studied art under the guidance of his father Jan, a self-taught painter and sculptor, so from an early age, artistic activity has received the full support of both parents. In 1989, at the age of eighteen, Balos moved from Poland to the United States, where his school teacher and part-time artist Cathy Gaggliardi prompted Alekasandara go to art school. Balos then received a full scholarship to the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, where he studied painting with philosophy professor Harry Rosina. After completing studies in 1995 and a bachelor's degree Balos moved to Chicago to enroll to study at the school of fine arts, whose methods are based on the work of Jacques-Louis David. Figurative realism and portraiture work accounted for most of Balos in the 90s and early 2000s. Today Balos uses the human figure, in order to highlight the features and show the shortcomings of the human being, without offering, in this case, no action. Scene composition of his paintings are meant to be interpreted independently spectator only web acquire their true temporal and subjective meaning. In 2005 the artist moved to Northern California, since the subject matter of his work has expanded considerably and now includes more free painting techniques, including abstraction, and various media styles, helping to express the ideas and ideals of life through painting.

Alyssa Monks

Alyssa Monks - contemporary American artist. Born in 1977 in Ridgewood, New Jersey. I became interested in painting when she was still a child. She studied at the New School in New York and Montclair State University, and in 1999 graduated from Boston College with a BA. At the same time she studied painting at the Academy of Lorenzo de 'Medici in Florence. Then he continued his studies for a master's degree program at the New York Academy of Art, at the Department of figurative art, he graduated in 2001. In 2006, she graduated from Fullerton College. Some time lectured at universities and educational institutions across the country, he taught painting at the New York Academy of Art, and Montclair State University and the College of the Arts Academy of Lima. "By using filters, such as glass, vinyl, and water vapor, i distorting the human body. These filters allow you to create large areas of abstract design, with colors show through their islands - parts of the human body. My paintings are changing the modern view of the already established, traditional poses and gestures of bathing women. They could tell a lot about such an attentive audience, seemingly own-evident things like swimming benefits, dances and so on. My characters are pressed against the glass windows shower, distorting his own body, knowing that thus affect the proverbial male gaze on the naked woman. Thick layers of paint are mixed so that the distance to imitate glass, couple, water, and the flesh. However, near the delightful become apparent physical properties of oil paint. Experimenting with layers of paint and color, I find a moment when abstract brushstrokes become something else. When I started to draw the human body, I was immediately fascinated and even became obsessed with him and thought that was supposed to make your picture as realistic as possible. I "confessed" realism, until he started to unravel and deconstruct in itself. Now I explore the possibilities and potential of the manner of writing, where there are representational painting and abstraction - if both styles can co-exist in the same moment of time, I'll do it. "

Antonio Finelli

Italian artist - "The observer of time" - Antonio Finelli born February 23, 1985. He currently lives and works in Italy between Rome and Campobasso. His work has been exhibited in several galleries in Italy and abroad: Rome, Florence, Novara, Genoa, Palermo, Istanbul, Ankara, New York, as they can be found in private and public collections. Pencil drawings "Watcher of time" Antonio Finella send us an eternal journey through the inner world of human time and the associated rigorous analysis of the world, the main element of which is the passage through time and applied them to the skin marks. Finelli painted portraits of people of any age, gender and ethnicity, facial expressions which indicate the passage through time, as the artist hopes to find evidence of the ruthlessness of time on the bodies of their characters. Antonio defines their works one, common name: "Self-portrait", because of his pencil drawings he depicts not just the personality, but allows the viewer to contemplate the real results of the passage of time inside a person.

Flaminia Carloni

Flaminia Carloni - Italian artist 37 years old, the daughter of a diplomat. She has three children. Twelve years had lived in Rome for three years in England and France. I received a degree in art history at the School of Art BD. Then he received a degree in art restorer. Before finding his vocation and to devote himself to painting, she worked as a journalist, colorist, designer, actress. Passion for painting with Flamini appeared as a child. Her primary medium - oil, because she loves «coiffer la pate» and also play with the material. Such a technique she learned in the works of the artist Toryua Pascal. Flaminia is inspired by the great masters of painting, such as Balthus, Hopper, and Francois Legrand, as well as and various artistic movements: street art, Chinese realism, surrealism and realism of the Renaissance. Her favorite artist Caravaggio. Her dream is to open a therapeutic power of art.

Denis Chernov

Denis Chernov - the talented Ukrainian artist, born in 1978 in Sambor, Lvov region, Ukraine. After graduating from the Kharkov Art College he remained in Kharkov in 1998, where he currently lives and works. He also studied at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Department of schedule, he graduated from it in 2004. He regularly participates in art exhibitions, at the moment they took over sixty, both in Ukraine and abroad. Most of the works of Denis Chernov kept in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Italy, England, Spain, Greece, France, the USA, Canada and Japan. Some of the works were sold at "Christie". Dennis works in a wide range of graphic and pictorial techniques. pencil drawings - one of his favorite painting techniques, the list of his pencil drawings are also very diverse, he paints landscapes, portraits, nudes, genre paintings, book illustrations, literary and historical reconstruction and fantasy.

Iruvan Karunakaran

Iruvan Karunakaran - Indian painter who paints a realistic picture, which is the main theme of the Indian village. Simple essence of rural India comes alive in his writings. Iruvana Art - thorough, yet intricate images of scenes of rural life, streets, various reminders of the ancient village of people performing rituals or absorbed daily routine, which is deeply rooted in the blood of the villagers. His realistic works of art made using a palette knife, hit you equally strong each time you view them. "Coming from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, in the village, I enjoy the feeling of lack of time in the course of the village and the tranquility of its people. Me, urban residents living in Hyderabad for more than ten years, admire the intricate interweaving of historic and modern, interesting combination that you see in the most iconic places in India. Especially much I am inspired by the street. They come from somewhere and go somewhere else .... There is a feeling as if you stand at a point called today, with yesterday behind and ahead of tomorrow. People tend to streets and roads ... they want to go "somewhere" and "something" done. The characters of my paintings can be anyone: a man pulling a cart - he just put up with the difficulties of life ... a busy merchant who stubbornly marching to his goal ... a lone motorcycle rickshaw or cyclist ... an elderly woman selling flowers and sleepy dog ​​resting in spite of the noise ... continuous movement and change of the streets makes people feel alive. Whether there is a better place to observe life, if not in the streets? "

Vasiliy Hribennikov

The name of the artist Vasily Ivanovich Gribennikova well-known to a wide circle of collectors of Russian art, Europe, USA and China. His painting is a striking example of the continuation of the traditions of the classical school of the great Russian masters. Vasily was born in 1951 in the village of Cherished Rostov region. The basis for the ascents to the heights was the professional art education. In 1974 he graduated from art-graphic branch of the Kuban State University. The development of the natural abilities of the artist and the improvement of technical skills acquired in years of study, facilitated the active creative work, which continued after graduation. Today painter gained experience allows him to freely access the different genres of painting, creating landscapes and still lifes, to work in the historical genre.

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