Android Jones. Psychedelic art

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Psychedelic art artist Android Jones can be compared with the digital alchemy. This artist uses the experience of masters of the past and combines it with the latest technical developments from the field of graphic editors, empowering the fine arts as such. His work can be seen on the posters of the festival of conceptual art «Burning Man», as well as exhibitions of contemporary art.

To display images that depicts the artist Android Jones own imagination in the two-dimensional space, it uses programs such as Painter, Photoshop, ZBrush and Alchemy. He did not fixate on drawing the details, on the contrary, trying to bring in the creativity elements of chaos, in other words "chance and improvisation" that like nothing better reflect the unpredictability and kaleidoscopic our world. In addition to Android engaged conceptual illustration psychedelic art: making interactive installations, shoots films, takes part in the development of games. He was also one of the founders and communities.
Pictures Android Jones very scenic and beautiful, they can even be used as a beautiful wallpaper and enjoy them every day. Their story is very surreal and reminiscent of dreams and psychedelic paintings, which are characteristic of the state of expanded consciousness, which is why it is called psychedelic art.

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