Ten artists, who conquered color

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Bright spots of light splashes, sparkling air - these artists see the world touchingly beautiful and exquisite color.
You a selection of paintings by contemporary impressionist, masterfully holding color and light.

Tsvyatko Kinchev

The works of the Bulgarian artist Tsviatko Kincheva in the style of impressionism - a digital painting: they are executed on a computer, in Photoshop. Incredibly juicy creations of the artist emphasize the beauty and brightness of the surrounding world.

William Henrits

Dutch artist William Henrits works in watercolor, acrylic and pastel. His creations - an amazing tenderness, ringing the air breathed by its colors, its graceful lines. Works of William known throughout the world as a high-quality posters and lithographs.

Yuri Petrenko

Yuri Petrenko was born in Sochi. Professionally engaged in painting for about 20 years. Juicy colors, lovely houses, ships and the sea. From his paintings blows the hot sun and the salty breeze. His works are in private collections in almost all countries of the world.

Hovik Zohrabyan

Armenian artist Hovik Zohrabyan was born in the family of a famous painter and sculptor Nikogosov Zohrabyan. For the characteristic of impressionist strokes emerges the unique style of the artist. His cozy colored town houses are filled with bright sunshine and happiness.

Linda Wilder

Linda Wilder - Canadian artist. Linda loves to paint landscapes and spatula - one of her favorite instruments. Bright, precise strokes, subtly noted by colors and lines - pictures of Linda are in corporate and private collections in Canada and around the world.

Ken Hong Leung

Chinese-American artist Ken Hong Lung feels the color and knows how to convey the magic of peace. His fishing villages and beaches landscapes became a sensation in the art circles of Hong Kong. Ken is one of the world's best artists Neo-Impressionists. It is called the master of the enchanted landscapes, dreamy moods and magical reflections of light and color.

Johan Messel

Johan Messel lives and works in Belgium. His paintings reflect the intimate world of the provincial shady courtyards, ancient kalitochek and good windows. Johan is able to transmit careless strokes peace and quiet happiness. Works artist and oil pastels.

Jill Charuk

Jill Charuk - contemporary Canadian artist. Twenty years is happening in the garment industry and home. She loves to exaggerate the colors, enhance contrast. Her colorful paintings received international recognition, they are in the collections of contemporary art in North America, Mexico and Europe. Jill writes mostly oil and acrylic.

Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov - internationally renowned impressionist painter. A native of the city of Vitebsk, Belarus. The artist uses a palette knife, works primarily in oils. Inspiration, in his own words, derives from the many travels. Leonid see the world bright, juicy, and is able to share his wonderful vision.

Eugene J. Paproski

Eugene J. Paproski was born in Chicago. Most of the paintings impressionist painted in the open air. He likes to quickly grasp the essence of the city to catch the mood and throw accurately noticed by emotion on the canvas. Some pictures of the artist are in the walls of the White House, the US Embassy in Kuwait and Uruguay.

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