Photoartist Vitaly S Alexius

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Photoartist Vitaly S Alexius was born in 1984 in Novokuznetsk, Russia.
April 11, 1997 in his words, the fate took an unexpected turn - he flew to Canada. Since 2000, he took lessons in drawing and painting. In 2002, the photographer started to learn Photoshop and is interested in all innovative techniques in digital-art-style, at the same time experimenting and creating their imaging techniques, which gave the name - «Dreaminism».

Currently Vitaly S photographer working as a photographer and illustrator, the scope of its activities as diverse: illustration, covers for books and graphic novels, posters, magic cards and CD covers. Perhaps his work and did not lead the ratings of all the beauty, but their fans will certainly find. In this author a good sense of color, and he knows how to deal skillfully with lighting.

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