Graphics and illustrations by Naiiade.

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Graphics and illustrations by Naiiade so bright and colorful that the grim stories of some works seem pretty black humor. In this article I want to introduce you to the work of this French artist.

Havier Naiiade - nickname illustrator from France on the popular portal deviantart artists and designers. About himself, he unfortunately did not write anything, so we can only guess as to what does and is interested in this artist. Illustrations for children in his performance can be found in such well-known in narrow circles of the board game as «Seasons». As you can see, most of his paintings is the image egroev, monsters, artifacts and fantastic worlds. I am personally in the above game is not played, but I'm sure that with these illustrations, it is simply obliged to be very interesting.
On his page you can find more work, as well as to communicate with the author and ask him about his style of drawing.

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