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Apocalypse. Vladimir Manyukhin

Sunday, March 20, 2016 · Posted in

Excellent collection of photo art and #illustrations by Vladimir Manyukhin, in which he shows his vision of the apocalypse. Circle devastation, abandoned houses, streets and entire cities. The walls of old buildings already overgrown with bushes and other plants, subway station turned to the caves and the famous tourist spots just do not know.

It is worth noting that in the photos, the Vladimir Manyukhin apocalypse is different, that is, the #author tried to show different scenarios of the collapse of the world and mankind, such as total war, or extinction, or natural disasters. This makes the selection of a unique and more interesting.

And even more interesting to do it that some work is represented in several variants and with the original photos. So - we scrutinize in detail, saturated with inspiration and absorb the creativity of contemporary photo artist Neu!.

Illustrator vs Instagram

Friday, March 18, 2016 · Posted in ,

Illustrator from London Lucas Levitan has a really wild imagination. In a series of images, which he calls "Photo Invasion" Lucas invades photos Instagram users, inventing alternative history with interesting and sometimes clumsy illustrations. It turns out very nice and funny!

Excellent reception for the development of creative thinking, well, just a storehouse of inspiration!

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