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Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. concept art

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It's time for Skyrim, the fifth game of the legendary Elder Scrolls (born The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim). Events unfolding in the world Skyrim 200 years after the previous part - Oblivion. The game's plot begins with the death of the hero interrupted by attacking the dragon. In the world of Skyrim, we are immersed in the thick of things.

After the treacherous murder of King, between toronnikami and opponents of joining the Empire unfolding civil war. All events: Staff of Chaos, Numidium, Red Mountain, the gates of Oblivion, and fratricidal war - is part of the ancient prophecy of the return of the dragons that foreshadowed who were expelled for a thousand years ago.

The protagonist of the game Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim stands last of Dragonmaw, one of the last blades. Only the main character can resist the invasion of dragons and protect the world. Hero will have to keep a track of Peak Hrothgar, where he will appear in front of the ancient cult of the gray-bearded, and also master the magic dragon, which will give a great advantage in battle with various creatures. But that would examine the special dragon shouts, the protagonist will have to visit several ancient temples and shrines in which he will confront a dangerous enemy: evil draugram, dead-Nord, necromancers, trolls, giants.

Now you can enjoy the amazing concept art proficiency of the artist illustrator Ray Lederer to the already known game Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Playing Mass Effect 3. Concept art by Benjamin Huen

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Mass Effect 3 is the third part of a series of sensational video games Mass Effect from the Canadian company BioWare. The action of the third part of the computer game Mass Effect 3 begins in one of the cities on Earth, in Vancouver. Commander Shepard, protagonist of the previous series of games, is the time in the world. Shepard suspected of collaboration with the "Cerberus" and the destruction of the repeater. In consequence of the Reapers approach to Earth, Captain Shepard's cause to the Board of the Alliance, where he must present his view of the situation and to propose measures to combat the Reapers. At the same time the expansion of the Reapers begins in the solar system and invasion of Earth. Shepard has to leave the planet to go for help.

Illustrations JS Rossbach

JS Rossbach - a talented illustrator who is developing a truly high-quality illustrations, creates and develops the concept sketches to computer games. For 3 years was a leading designer in the gaming industry, as well as for 8 years - as a freelance artist. In his free time drawing characters and do graphic design. I am pleased to take up the most challenging projects.

Peter Popken - Illustrator "Prince of Persia. The Sands of Time "

Despite all its advantages (here and the atmosphere of a fairy tale, and good actors, and breathtaking chase with battles with swords, and the unforgettable beauty of landscapes) film "Prince of Persia" was made not that successful in worldwide box office, and it seems he does not shine fate "Pirates of the Caribbean," which turned up in a trilogy. But this does not detract from the dignity of the film (of which there are many), and a fascinating look at the concept art, which drew Peter Popken (Peter ass), it's hard not to admire the work done by the filmmakers.

Digital paintings by H.P. Kolb

HP Kolb was born June 28, 1957 in Heidelberg - Heddesheim, Germany.
His grandfather was a landscape painter and taught his grandson how to deal with a brush and oil paints. Ships and the sea were the first motives.
After a motorcycle accident, he was unemployed. Then he started taking pictures and then he developed a new interest: digital airbrushing. To date, he has developed this technique to perfection, with which it is in contemporary art special status. His style - fotosurrealistischen. His art is a fantasy world.

Fantasy quality Eric Basiletti (Kargall Le Fou)

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Eric Basiletti professional artist who paints in the style of fantasy. In this collection are some of his drawings from the series Kargall Le Fou. Many viewers called a follower of the artist Hans Rudolf Giger, only in color. Indeed, some work much like Giger phantasmagorical paintings, but most belong to the fantasy figures only Eric Basiletti. Unfortunately, despite the fact that all products with high-quality and deserve respect, not to say that there are some of the artist own special and unique style. I would call it creative fantasy surrealism in a photorealistic design.

Huge selection of the best examples of street art from Slava PTRK, one of the most talented street artists in Russia.

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Street art conquers all the more space is more profound thoughts and beauty in the world. Editorial monthly selects the most interesting examples of street art, but also interested in the opinion of the street artists.
Glory PTRK of Yekaterinburg StreetArt gathered all that impressed him over the summer. Get a few dozen very large-scale works and steep.

New pictures of the most famous street artist Banksy on the Olympic Games in London.
Big, really big job from the whole super-team of writers: BELIN, CHAS, SMUG, ZEDZ, FECKS, HMX, NASH, KOFIE, SMUG & FECKS.
The network has several sets of photos from the Barcelona event POBLEDUBSEC, which took part in Aryz, Asia, Btoy, Dios, Eledu, Eox, Flan, J-Loca, Kram, Malakkai, Meibol, Mr Kern, Nados, Owen, Saturno, Sawe, Sendys, Sixe, Skum, Turquesa, Uriginal and Xupet. Some of it we've seen before, something else does not pop up on the net.

Jonah Sachs: Story Wars Book Trailer

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Everyone in marketing is shouting “TELL STORIES!” in perfect unison from their various feeds. But what is a good story? And how can you make yours great? In 30 idea-packed minutes, viral storyteller Jonah Sachs (Story of Stuff, The Meatrix) will break down what he's learned over a decade telling stories that have amused, enlightened and engaged millions worldwide. He'll cover: 50 years of Jedi Mind Tricks (how marketing masters push products and ideas, and why their tricks are failing you now); Freaks, Cheats and Familiars (how our brains are hardwired to remember stories that reflect ancient patterns); and the Digitoral Era (how to transform your stories for massive resonance in today's digital-oral tradition). Drawing on the research and thinking in Story Wars, available spring 2012 from Harvard Business Review Press, Free Range co-founder Sachs will source age-old and cutting edge wisdom, delivering insights from advertising history, evolutionary biology, psychology, and comparative mythology. This talk is a how-to, equipping you to apply timeless truths for story contagion and breakthrough brands.

Jonah Sachs: Story Wars Book Trailer from BrightSightGroup on Vimeo.

The coolest, that was painted on the walls or found cities in the world for a month.

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Street art, which considers the whole world as one big canvas, the fastest growing of all the existing art forms. He's ready to challenge unless the graphic and industrial design, but they are most often applied and thoroughly commercial. A street art - primarily a social phenomenon. Reflects society and its aspirations.
Every month around the world have hundreds of notable works.

Tudela, Spain
 Benes, Czech Republic
 Copenhagen, Denmark
 Grottaglie, Italy
 Lodz, Poland
 Virpazar, Montenegro
 Lodz, Poland
 Seattle, USA
 Dublin, Ireland
Street art project to "fix his city." Artists just being finished breakaway pieces of Lego.
 Ordenes, Spain
 All love!
 Michigan, USA
Meet - Slaggo. So David Zinn decorated streets of the city.
 Perm, Russia
 Ekaterinburg, Russia
 Ekaterinburg, Russia
 South Africa
 Busan, South Korea
Hendrik Baykirh depicted elderly sailor on a skyscraper height of 70 meters.
 Bratislava, Slovakia
"Hi, baby!" (Author - Mira Mirart)
 Berlin, Germany

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