Stunning 3D-pictures on the pavement.

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Street art competition was first held in 1972, in Italy, in Moscow, the company plans to such a spectacle. Organizers decided to decorate the park Babushkinskiy thirteen realistic 3D-pictures that will surprise and amaze imagination. We offer fotosyuzhet how 3D-master paintings are preparing for upcoming events.
For popular artists graffiti that is widely popular on the Internet - Nicholas Arndt, Manfred Shtadera Kozlov and Philip, the park installed two huge tent.
Who would have thought these masterpieces asphalt painting drawn by conventional brushes and a special solution, consisting of chalk, sugar and water.
A group of participants of Russian universities paint outdoors.
For most of the participants in this first experience with complicated techniques 3D - one wrong stroke and amazing illusions will not.
It is unfortunate that these jobs are short-lived, as the first rain to wash away. Therefore, Moscow audience should hurry to see these amazing pictures. After all, 3D graffiti is still rare for a city view of street art.

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