Dieselboy - UNLEASHED!

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Dieselboy - UNLEASHED!
New Vision Of Destruction Bass

In 1996, of "Drum and Bass Selection USA" in 2008, "Substance D", each of which has become a classic of the genre, unnecessarily he only releases mixes infrequently, these moments are considered a special event.

Coming back to the old school mixtape roots where it isn't limited to that it traces can use or licenses, Dieselboy used possibility to accept Untied! on other level.

Depart from to knock from "of-the-moment" being forgotten Rinseout a dancing, Dieselboy throws a wide range of modern and classical tracks and change, a wrapping to mix from 25 minutes small cut dubstep shows that its present taste in a genre and coming tracks from it dubstep a label, Subhuman. At last, the project given language - in - a cheek graphic treatment which the imagination sci-fi movie posters of the 1970th years refers to operation. It looks and the hardcore sounds.
It is one of those moments. 56 tracks used for creation of deep and extensive to 73-minute a mix which is shown only after the numerous listens.

From "Drum and Bass Selection USA" in 1996 "Substance of D" in 2008, everyone became classics of this genre. Recognition for their content of firm substance, clever esthetics, creative concepts and intensive energy, its compact discs a level against which projects of other DJs of a mix it is measured. Because it only releases mixes quite often these moments special events are considered.

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  1. Thx a lot guys , I recently found this drum pack for my DNB music and need to know ur opinion


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