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Bring to your attention an article on the artist Jason Chan.

Jason Chan about me: My name is Jason Chan and I lyublyurisovat :)

As I said, I love to draw. From the time when I was a kid, I drew characters from video games, cartoons and comics. I also liked to draw my favorite people - X, Warcraft heroes and video games. I drew a million pictures with Mega Man'om and Mario. As I grew up, this love of fantasy and video games did not leave me. I loved the world of fantasy and it inspired me to work. Many of my favorite games were Japanese, and I drew the characters from these games. I started to "join" in the anime style. Of course I started watching anime - like a drug, I still can not get rid of it. After several years of efforts in the field of manga myself, I went to school in San Francisco and finally got the experience of painting from life and practice in the anatomy of the figure. I was influenced to such masters as Sargent, Leyendecker, Rockwell, and Frazetta. I started to improve in this area. Now I am trying to connect my art to the West with oriental art and see what happens.

I'm still trying. We'll see what happens.

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