Artist of Goro Fujita

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Goro Fujita was born in Japan and moved with his family to Germany when he was 2.5 years. He liked to draw since childhood.
After graduating from high school, he founded a company called "Quantix" with his friend and did some work in graphic design and programming. At the same time he became interested in 3D - animation and started to "play" with cubes and spheres.
In 2002, he left the "Quantix" and began studying at the German Film School for digital products. "My passion for animation grew stronger, painting remained as a hobby." There he spent three years, has gained a lot of experience in 3D, and 2D direction, from concept to final product. After high school in 2005, he specialized in 3D animation.
Since then, he has worked as a freelance animator and visual artist characters in feature films and television in Germany. He currently works as an artist to develop PDI / DreamWorks in Redwood City.

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