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We have already seen quite a lot of similar work from various artists of science fiction, but never get tired of admiring fantasies of another person who is also very professionally express them on canvas or paper. Worth recalling artists such as Philip Straub and Francois Baranger, Barclay Shaw and Charlie Bowater had met recently. They are all united by one idea: using the skills they want to present a realistic painting fantasy worlds, the worlds of fairy tales, the life of fiction, a possible post-apocalyptic future and extraordinary beauty of the distant planets. How could bother to look at such work. Therefore, Gary Tonge - this is the one we've been waiting for. The next artist to its collection of science fiction works on the theme of the future futuristic and magical past.

Gallery of the master and the master of the fantasy genre will help us in countless hustle boring and monotonous days to dream as a child. On the distant star systems of the Strugatsky or Gothic castles, inhabited by the dark forces of Andre Norton. Artist from the UK has used in his art computer technology, digital painting after dragging computer games. It happened right after Gary got a job at a game company Elite Systems, here he was engaged in the transformation of the old games, and even received an award Master Award for 2D Environment in EXPOSA. Gary Tonge and is working on development, design, appearance, many games and who knows, may be a game that you run after a while it was painted by this artist?!

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