Amazing portrait illustrations by Minjae Lee

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 · Posted in ,

Minjae Lee, better known in the network under the name GrenoMJ, - one of the most expensive artists in the world. Hard to believe, but the young talent is only 23, but his work has adorned vyduyuschie art galleries in the world as well as expensive private collections. Minjae Lee started drawing when he was 7 years old and first picked up the markers. Since then, a mad desire to draw and paint esperementirovat not leave the world around the artist. For many years, Minjae Lee lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. His works are distinguished by incredible drammaturgiey, Impress, great emotional intensity. In addition, the painting is always vivid, unusual, offering bright colorful view of women - femme, hot, dangerous and seductive. Minjae Lee works in the same style, but for his paintings using a variety of tools - it handles, and butter, and pencils, and, of course, the ability of computer graphics.

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