Advertising worlds from Jerico Santander

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Jericho Santander (Jerico Santander) - this is a young 25 year old Digital illustrator originally from the Canary Islands, Spain. His work, you probably have already seen in numerous compilations of illustrations - both on duty room, and possibly on other sites. It is no coincidence, because in spite of the very young age of illustrator, he managed to collaborate with such giants as Ferrero, Hugo Boss, LG, Pepsi, Frigo, La Gazzetta dello Sport, Subway, MTV, Nissan, BBDO Moscow, Emporio Armani and many more . Jericho took an interest in the visual arts from an early age, but the first idea to do serious illustration came when a young Jericho at age 11 has mastered the computer and was first introduced to Photoshop.

After a couple of years, Santander began working in a small creative agency, in which it allowed him to further develop and usovershenostvovat their techniques, and later to become an independent and successful freelance illustrator. His work is to surprise and amaze - it's an amazing detail, bright saturated colors, smooth natural transitions syurrealizzm and unusual synthesis of ideas and objects, and as a result is bright and creative, most importantly, a successful advertising.

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