How to paint a picture "freeze frame"

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Step 1

I started drawing the first thing that popped into my head. As you may have noticed, I love to draw children in different clothes and, of course, I drew a baby.

In any case, you just need to jot down a sketch and important proportions.

Step 2

I redrew the hair, because the head in the first picture looks too "streamlined" and had to take a more natural shape.

Step 3

When I was quite pleased with the sketch, I started to paint it. I created four layers: the "background", "foreground color", "sketch" and "light." Is the number of layers has enabled me to paint and to evaluate the result without compromising the picture, but at this point I still had no idea of the colors that will be in my palette, but the only thing I knew - I wanted to bright colors.

Step 4

After I painted the picture a bit, I did not like it. So I decided to remove all the layers of color and a little more work on the sketch. Character's face was too focused on something, so in order to keep the attention of the viewer in the picture, I finish a subject on which the child could see.

Step 5

Any colors that will distract me while I work through the picture composition. All the time. I added a little bit of light and shadow in order to determine where to place the light source, and made ​​a sketch of the background.

Step 6

In this figure, I do not like proportions. The viewer need more space, so after watching the action in the picture, you could analyze it, to "switch" to the background.

But there is something in the picture that I do not like it, and I can not figure out what. The girl with the butterfly certainly looks nice, but it's not enough to get my attention.

Step 7

Since I still can not figure out what's missing in my picture, I'll start to paint it and maybe in the process, I understand what it is.

Step 8

To find a way to make my drawing attractive, I sat for a moment, closed his eyes and tried to forget about the picture. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that the main focus of the picture is on a joyful face girl and puff.

So I decided to paint what could be the reason for that and the other ... I gave the picture a little autumnal mood and drew his left arm so that it seems that the girl is trying to keep her hair fluttering in the wind.

Step 9

The image of a girl missing small parts, accessories, she's a little fashionista! Let's add some sweet hairpin on his head to make a girl more interesting and other items in her image. Light was another issue I just realized! I do not want to burden the picture with too many details, but I like it when they are present in the picture, so let's experiment a little with light passing through the trees!

Step 10

No need to be a genius to see that the composition of the picture is too biased to the left. I solved the problem this way - I painted another child holding a gift girl unlike the viewer can not see! This makes the audience unwilling participant going on, which in turn adds interest to the picture!

Step 11

Remember I mentioned the wind? I made it more visible through the leaves. I also detailed the shoes girl - now in her sneakers Converse (because I often wear them myself! Hahaha). Continuing to add more and more detail, I gave the shape of the handle at the shop and replaced the gift to two servings of ice cream, which should tell you about the intentions of the boy (: p)

Step 12

As you may have noticed, I have corrected the way the light fell on the girl's face, before it looked like a spot ... I have long studied this effect and tried to pass it as best you can. Another problem that I had to solve was the backpack, which gives it the image of "nerd" that I, in turn, could use ... Imagine the following:

On the one hand form handles at the shop was too complicated and attracted too much attention.

On the other hand, we have an excellent student ... but let's add a book! It's a bit hide the shape of the handle, and fits perfectly into the story of our history!

Step 13

Work on the picture is quite successful. We have a cute background, cute characters, cool colors and a story that was quite interesting. But we have a new problem - it's time to go crazy, painting details! Time detail! By the way, I added a ray of light so you can see the ice cream in the hands of the boy.

Step 14

It tells nothing special, I just added a light and shadows on the page of the book and melenko details in the background, such as the cloud and the light passing through the leaves of trees. Now we have to carefully draw detail, striving for the best result.

Step 15

Do not be distracted from the work of the details! Draw a light and shadows on the tree, add more light reflecting off the hair of both children, as the colors on the boundary between light and shadow to make it more intense and add more bright light for bigger pictures.

Step 16

Ice cream in hand looked very unappetizing, so it's time to add some "tasty" colors! Do not forget about lighting the boy, it should be a little brighter. Also there is no clarity. Let's add the sharpness of the boundaries of objects, which are located deep in the picture, and all that lies beyond it, do a little blurred.

Step 17

It all comes down to the details, depending on how much we love the detail. I do not want to spend on this drawing too much time, so I will leave this brush strokes intact. They fit well into the overall look, the more they have already served their purpose in the drawing. All that we do now is to form a picture of the general form, such as the inscription in the book. It says - "Fairy Tale" (in fact, you can not read it), but the inscription was added in order to make the audience think, reminds the boy in the blue shirt blue prince from a fairy tale? A romantic person that girl? How often does it read? ... Such reflections deliver more enjoyable viewing.

Step 18

Gaps in the clouds give way girls are angelic and romantic look. It now remains to add the finishing touches such as light patches and seams on the backpack. And we are done!
We now have a lovely girl, surprised by the sudden appearance boy with two scoops of ice cream in the middle of the autumn park. This is reminiscent of a live picture - hence the name - "Freeze"

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I really enjoyed doing it, and I learned a lot from him, I hope it will help us to become better artists. Remember that the essence of each image - to convey a message to the viewer, rather than the drawing technique. Therefore, carefully work through the idea that the audience should see, the technique comes from hard work and practice ... and that, I think it is no secret! I hope to see you guys soon!

Author: Salvador Ramirez Madriz (Ramirec Madric Salvador), Mexico

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