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Filipino photographer Norvz Austria combined into a single two of his favorite hobbies - it's surreal paintings and photography. More striking is the fact that he is self-taught, ie nowhere this skill is not taught, but on the contrary - he can teach anyone create high-quality collages and retouching. It is believed that Norvz Austria looking for a suitable wallpaper for your computer and not finding a suitable, he decided to paint what he wants to see every day. As a result, he was so fascinated by this creativity that fotohudozhestvom was earning a living.

The same artist is known in the global network under the name xetobyte. Digital art and photo manipulation, the expression of their emotions and feelings through a surrealistic painting. In his works, mainly uses dark, but very expressive tone and clear detailed composition.

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  1. Hi, I am interest in using a few of your images for cover art for a CD, please advise contact details of the artist as I am struggling to find a way to contact and discuss this.

    my name is Nathan tel 07807461756 - UK based


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