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The idea of this work appeared immediately after I heard about the contest in the style of painting Matte painting entitled "The Lost World." I wanted to portray a little delicate flower that grows on the background of the dead rough ground. This flower could be the hope of the world to survive. In this short review I will show you the stages of this work, drawing

I had to spend a lot of time to ponder the big picture created by the world. I did some quick sketches, and finally chose.

The final design looks like this (I know it's awful :)). This will be an alien land.

After that I started working on the painting.
I took some pictures of the volcanic rocks and sky, and combined them, creating a collage, which later formed the basis for paintings.
I worked the color and detail. To give the image more dramatic, I decided to insert a sunset.
Then I added a few elements to the fore, and again adjusted the color. Soon the stone in the center will be "the main character."
Now I draw the river. It should enhance the effect of aggressive environment. In general, it is not even a river, but rather a stream of poisonous liquid, or possibly lava.
All this should shine and puffed.
I was very pleased with the result.
Now you have to draw a flower. After reviewing a bunch of pictures of different colors, I decided to depict something as wild as his surroundings. Perhaps this is a flower there, but I just have not seen this :)

Well, the picture is ready! And I named her "Hope."

Author: Soroka, Alex (Alex Soroka)

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