Creating drawing "Burning House"

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The scene depicted in this figure, describes the last day on Earth in the distant future, when the sun will increase in size and become a new star. Global warming will reach a critical point, and spread over the entire surface of the Earth, completely changing the soil. The new environment will create a tree height of several kilometers and plants that reach the boundary of the stratosphere. A more aggressive type of poison ivy now winds around the rest of the giant plants. Socialized and intellectually-developed plants replaced rapidly spreading bird fauna. Their swim trunks and leaves are moving with that is within them, a light gas. Circulation system tree sap flows through the soil from tree to tree, creating a biologically related forest. This juice will replace the water and where once there were waterfalls, now drains the juice.

When I drew this picture in my mind was the last day on Planet Earth. Already, there are many images of the Day of Judgment in the world, but I wanted to create a drawing in which the Earth is filled with giant plants. I wanted to convey irony, which is that the future of the planet looks exactly as it looked when creating. I imagined that the Earth will be very wet and heavy air, the surface will be filled with a vast, ancient plants and, in general, the planet will look like a hundred million years ago. I hope this image conveys my idea of ​​the far future of the planet.

First I drew a sketch of what was in my imagination. I imagined a place with big trees, huge sun and the soil, literally laid by ivy, plants and other vegetation. I stuck to the prospects and a color palette that I had imagined. (01)
I usually start with the background, because I think that so you can get a better result. I use brushes that come by default in Photoshop. Not forgetting the song, I painted the trees huge and massive. (02)

I continued to paint and began to work with the foreground. In the process, I'm not afraid to change the composition, if necessary. Referring to photos and other images, I handled the front and to finish details. (03)
Constantly making small changes and adjustments, I added more details. I wanted to make the bottom of the picture looks very rich, and the sky - empty, so I reduced the number of leaves on the tree-tops. (04)
Now I have 15 layers. I combined the layers according to their depth, adjust brightness and added a bit of fog. It is important not to contaminate the layers, as it facilitates the process of drawing and will be easier to see what else needs to be fixed. (05)
In this final stage, I made ​​a small change in the overall picture, and added more details. I painted a huge sun, using a photo of the galaxy. Using the orange light of the sun, I added a little orange tint to the front for him to blend in with the rest of the picture. (06)
I carefully took in how opinion will move in the picture. I created a zigzag path to the viewer's eye away from the front-end to the back. To do this, I adjusted the brightness and contrast according to the perspective and depth. Brightness and contrast - very important in creating a convincing, realistic picture. (07)
Finally I added a gradient layer and a layer of noise to the image. Here I focus on the actual distance between the objects in the picture. For example, a distance of 200 pixels in the figure may be several kilometers in the dimension of the world that I have drawn. Very very important not to forget that the image has its own dimensions and measures, and it is - not just a 2D image. (08)
Using these layers, I adjusted the contrast, hue and saturation, respectively. (09-12)

Author: Kenichiro Tomiyasu (Kenichiro Tomiyasu), Japan

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