The Art Of Graffiti

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The word "inscriptions on walls" from Italian "grafiato" that means pictures or the letters painted or sprayed on various surfaces, such as walls, fences, asphalt etc., received enormous popularity both new interpretation and styles presently. Actually, if to turn back back in our history, we will see that this art form strong accompanied progress of human culture. Here for example, in the ancient rock paintings, which else there were 30 000 years B.C or an illustration in ruins and catacombs of Pompeii, Athens, Rome - they were the first inscriptions on walls of our history.

And what resembles inscriptions on walls now? Well, first of all the first modern inscriptions on walls could be found on the New York streets at the end of the 60th, and later and in many other big cities where it developed similarly with culture of hip-hop, a rap, a breakdance and a meadow of the DJ. It resembles an inseparable part of these subcultures. And from this point, existence and destinies of this art it was ambiguous. What does it mean?
Everything is simple. First, to create a masterpiece of inscriptions on walls, you will need only the handle of brand or coloring by dispersion (not an impressive art set, isn't it?); secondly, the canvas for this art can be any wall, a fence, asphalt or to be trained, and usually they have no possession of the artist.

It means, inscriptions on walls can be formed some problems: it breaks some laws - a personal estate and the territory. Thereof, some people believe that it is an act of vandalism, instead of an art form. It is possible to call it also dangerous in way which it anyway popularizes a certain idea against or for something, and not always in a decent form. And, for example, defenders of environment argue that paint of an aerosol has an untoward influence not only on a building, but also and on our environment in general (air, water etc.) because this paint contains some poisonous invasions. So, there are a lot of inconveniences - you can tell.

And on the other hand this art differs, it thus various in forms, expressions and styles, in limits from simple inscriptions on walls to full-scale masterpieces of splashes. This art recognizes three main styles: the letter, bombing and street art which in turn are still divided into many, such as: wildstyle, 3D, brush, bubble, old school, landscape, block, hardcore, stencil, shadow style, riddle, animated film and sharp. In effect, some works of splashes can really make strong impression upon your mind it forms, forms, lines, scales, flowers, design and its variety - all this can bear deep value or some message or to be simple beautiful painting, but nevertheless it leaves unforgettable impressions. So, to you to decide to choose that this street art means for you!

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