Francoisa Nilli's colourful portraits

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If you treat that category of people which don't consider itself as admirers of oil painting, stunning works of the French artist Francoisa Nilli (Francoise Nielly) can change your opinion. Perhaps, in the beginning they will seem to you a little improbable, but hardly you can resist violence of paints and tremendous power of these portraits.

Francoisa Nilli's massive, multi-color portraits are simply delightful for viewing. But it is even more surprising to watch how she creates them. Instead of a brush the artist bosses a special knife, in a form reminding a tiny garden shovel, and a range of shades of oil paints much more bigger, than it would be possible to expect for a portrait. Francoisa creates the bright, passionate cloths – some of them reach the size 195 on 62 centimeters – taking as a basis black-and-white photos and being guided further by the faultless ability to interpret light, a shadow, tone and shades by means of bright paints and impudent dabs.

Francoisa Nilli lives in peace images. It investigates various sides of "images" all the life by means of pictures, photos, sketches, illustrations and the virtual animated graphics. Abundantly clearly that drawing – its calling and her passion.

Works of the artist are described as «sexual, free, uncontrollable, surprising and even explosive». Francoisa, apparently, aspires to embody cosmopolitism of the French society, representing on the portraits the most various types of persons.

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