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Artnet Magazine is closed

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The Artnet Magazine Internet edition (, the unique art magazine leaving only in a network throughout 16 years, declared the termination of the activity. Director general Hans Noyendorf since July 1, 2012 retires, his son Jacob Pabst becomes his successor. In the press release it is reported that this decision is caused by the economic reasons as the Internet magazine in all 16 years couldn't reach self-support.

Yana Moskalyuk illustrator

The remarkable Russian artist, illustrator Yana Moskalyuk was born in Omsk. Since the childhood gravitated to drawing, the design, all beautiful, because, probably, she and chose to herself such way to lives. Is one of leading designers of studio of Lebedev, illustrates magazines (Marie Claire, Elle, Seventeen, Men's Fitness, Men's Health, Hair's How, Cosmopolitan, etc.). Its work on a book illustration about Japanese fate (the Californian publishing house Stone Bridge Press) is quite famous. On the account at Yana some personal exhibitions and a great number of admirers.

Graphic madness of Heiko Klug

Heiko Klug - the German illustrator, the digital artist, the master of computer painting. It is possible to call that it does the real madness, explosion of bright feelings, an expressionism in digital painting. About this artist it is known that he was born in Germany, Oberhausen city. Professionally is engaged in a digital illustration, writes training articles for magazines Advanced Photoshop, Digital Photo Photoshop, Foto Praxis.

In Los Angeles digitize graffiti

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The wall list created 19 years ago, will be transferred on other building with use of the latest technologies. The wall list of Calle de la Eternidad («The eternity street») which 19 years ago artist Johanna Petig (Johanna Poethig) created on a wall of old department store in Los Angeles, will be transferred on other place.

Abstract Oil Paintings

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Paintings are the popular works because it has the capacity to motivate and contact us with the other people, their thoughts and places. Paintings are considered excellent when it may the effect on our life and we could not get another way to do and then we do something a masterpiece to have a chance to experience. In these days there is huge variety of oil paintings in the world and every person is going to have their favorite piece of art.

One popular painting style is abstract paintings ant that are seems true when it makes by famous and intelligent artists. A beautiful painting gives pleasure with its free expression of amazing color combination and shapes that really seems to do please for anyone eyes. These art works are something really unique and we might have found in other types of art works. By these work of arts are help us experience ideas from our minds and feelings from ourselves, and share with the artists that doing the art works.

Modern Oil Paintings For Sale - Ways Of Finding The Best At Least Cost

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Art and painting have been known to define the human society since ages. Though the face of it have been changing every now and then with new revolutions in the field of art, but the main intention though has always remained the same, using colors to depict anything and everything around you. Art and painting have been known to have an aura of their own, and they are capable of casting a shadow of the same aura to the complete area that they are placed around. This is one of the main reasons why people often prefer to buy oil paintings or arts culture paintings when they have any intention of changing the look of a place to a larger extent by spending or changing less.

Modern oil paintings or arts culture paintings could normally cost a lot, often more than the larger buying section of the world could afford. But then there are other options that could help one get their hands on some cheap wall art paintings or modern oil painting for sale, that serve the purpose without cutting a hole in the pocket of the buyer.

Tips for Conservation Framing and Picture Framing Melbourne

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Picture framing in Melbourne has come into existence with development of photography. This method helps in preserving old painting from getting spoiled for a long time. Conservation framing is used in museums and art galleries. There are different types of materials used one of them is matting. Mats framing is a technique which helps to protect pictures from pollution and dust. You can purchase framing kit which provides all types of materials required for framing. Picture framing kit comes with the wide range of variety, colour design and size and cost. During purchase of kit you will find all materials mentioned below in framing kit.

Valeria Guy Germanika will shoot the film about love to modern artists

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Valery Guy's Russian director Germanika started shootings of the microbudgetary film «And yes», devoted to love and modern artists.
In a leading role Agniya Kuznetsova («All will die, and I will remain», "Morphine", «Cargo 200», etc.) acts in film, and some modern artists — for example, Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubosarsky — play themselves.

For the first time in the territory of Ukraine the alternative art the guidebook is let out

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«Alternative art guidebook. Odessa» is 134 pages of ideas, memoirs and emotions.

As founders, uniqueness that on its pages places and events which can't be found in other sources are described reported it. It is calculated on audience which is interested not only all popular tourist places and sights, but also the picturesque, unique points known only for radical inhabitants of Odessa. The alternative art the guidebook is created by forces of six organizations in six different cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk, Lviv, Ivano-Frankovsk and Kherson. It is a unique approach to the story about the city.

German artists turn the Sydney opera theater into epic work of a video art

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The fourth year the Vivid Sydney festival lights fires in a seaport, turning traditional platforms into effective space of light, music and new ideas.
The big holiday for the creative industry and the largest festival such in the southern hemisphere, Vivid Sydney, will last till June 11. The festival of this year passes with success, as well as improbably successful festival of 2011 which more than 400 thousand guests and which, according to the Guardian version, was called the best festivals of fresh ideas visited.

Alexander Jansson swedish artist

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The Swedish artist of Alexander Jansson was late in the childhood as his creativity is through penetrated by magic and the fairy tale a little. Considering its drawings, kind works of known storytellers where in the far, dark and mysterious woods there live trolls and elves, kind magicians and malicious sorcerers, courageous knights and the bewitched princesses at once are remembered. Legends, popular beliefs and fairy tales find new life on paper and a canvas near at hand this remarkable artist.

In our hard time such positive with a magic raid as is impossible by the way. If to trust the author, in such mints he and grew. In sense not in the far woods together with the invented characters, and in a deaf small village of Sweden where all these fairy tales also are born. All admirers of a fantasy admire its fantastic worlds which are executed is so realistic and it is attractive. Stories from life of the wood people cling the viewer not worse than a fishing hook. Houses on trees, Alexander Jansson occupied Gothic landscapes, the cities and villages characters from the Swedish legends and legends. In the modern world the place only in pictures of this artist and the illustrator was them.

Korean conceptual artist of Tae young Choi

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Madly beautiful, realistic painting from the Korean artist who is called by Tae young Choi. Generally this master of painting specializes on fantastic styles: a fantasy, science fiction, the past of times of dinosaurs, etc. but, as well as many other artists wish to dilute the creativity by landscapes of the nature and the cities, portraits...

It is impossible to tell about creativity of this Korean artist something unequivocal. It rushes from one style to another, here both the realism and hyper realism, neo-impressionism and still a set of the various directions which it mercilessly mixes and turns into the unique genre. In any case, works of it a concept artist are pleasant to an eye and cause positive emotions.

Illustrator of Cyril Rolando

Kirill Rolando (Cyril Rolando) — the 27-year-old illustrator self-educated person from Paris. In the works it places emphasis generally on human emotions. In spite of the fact that Cyril has no art education, its works are executed very professionally, in bright paints and with sense. The illustrator scoops the inspiration in Tim Burton and Hayao Miyadzaki's works.


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Graduated from Leeds Met University in 1995 after completing a BA in Graphic Art and Design, specialising in Experimental Film and Animation. After finding gainful employment in various non-creative institutions went back to basics and began work with pen, pencil and computer.
Has spent almost 20 years crafting skills, absorbing influences from every facet of visual culture and archiving found objects and ephemera to substantiate his work. He has worked as a freelance illustrator with numerous clients in publishing and entertainment, more recently pursuing the more traditional gallery/exhibitive path with solo shows in London and Bristol and group exhibits in the U.S. Numerous sell out print releases and coverage worldwide.
His current work is an clash of styles from classical to pop surrealism, focusing predominantly on the human form, though also abstracting elements from nature and the animal kingdom. Covering subjects such as superficiality and isolation progressing into more socio-political expressions.

Francoisa Nilli's colourful portraits

If you treat that category of people which don't consider itself as admirers of oil painting, stunning works of the French artist Francoisa Nilli (Francoise Nielly) can change your opinion. Perhaps, in the beginning they will seem to you a little improbable, but hardly you can resist violence of paints and tremendous power of these portraits.

Francoisa Nilli's massive, multi-color portraits are simply delightful for viewing. But it is even more surprising to watch how she creates them. Instead of a brush the artist bosses a special knife, in a form reminding a tiny garden shovel, and a range of shades of oil paints much more bigger, than it would be possible to expect for a portrait. Francoisa creates the bright, passionate cloths – some of them reach the size 195 on 62 centimeters – taking as a basis black-and-white photos and being guided further by the faultless ability to interpret light, a shadow, tone and shades by means of bright paints and impudent dabs.

Francoisa Nilli lives in peace images. It investigates various sides of "images" all the life by means of pictures, photos, sketches, illustrations and the virtual animated graphics. Abundantly clearly that drawing – its calling and her passion.

Works of the artist are described as «sexual, free, uncontrollable, surprising and even explosive». Francoisa, apparently, aspires to embody cosmopolitism of the French society, representing on the portraits the most various types of persons.

The modern art in a format of art home concerts can acquaint people with eternal truth

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Irena Trots, is known in Kiev as the organizer historical «Zamkovs of balls», decided to test on itself more and more popular format of carrying out cultural actions – an art home concert.

The project purpose «Remove your footwear» – language of the modern art to acquaint people with the eternal truth put in the Bible. Uniqueness of the project that for its realization the correct format – an art home concert was chosen. «This format is good that the artist can play by the rules, instead of according to requirements of gallery or following expectations of the viewer, – the author of idea Irena Trots speaks. – The art home concert is more author's space, where exactly you set the fashion and governed».

Search delivery of Google turned into the book

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The British artists Felix Heyz (Felix Heyes) and Ben West (Ben West) printed the book in which words from the English dictionary and the images found the searcher of Google by these words are compared.

Into the book entered 21 thousand words, and its volume made 1240 pages. For book drawing up artists wrote a script which takes the first image from Google delivery on each of dictionary words. Then the second script arranged all pictures in three columns and created the PDF file which was printed and issued in the form of the book with the name "Google".

Warhol's children's sketch appeared a silly forgery – experts and a family of the artist are sure

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The British tourist Andy Filds (Andy Fields) did to noise in April of this year, having made the statement that it got for 5 dollars Andy Warhol's early sketch of the addict from Las Vegas.
On the sketch which was allegedly made by ten years' Warhol, on the abstract background consisting of green, orange and yellow small squares, singer Rudi Veli with bright red lips is represented. Филдс declared that Warhol's this unexpected youthful work is estimated at 2 million 100 thousand dollars. In July this work even should be exposed in Royal West of England Academy which director reported recently BBC that this work represents «huge revolution in the history of art», having added that «this portrait allows us to see sources of one of the greatest directions in art».

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