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The artist from Brazil by name of Tiago Hoysel (Tiago Hoisel), the illustrator and the designer, it is known for the works for the most various advertizing companies.

Besides, it also does amusing caricatures on known characters of show business and sports or represents animated heroes - with tremendous realism.

Jumping from one creative piece of his work to another, you will also come across the caricature of some of the popular Hollywood characters portrayed in 3D style. His genre will introduce you to the caricatures of Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Hugh Jackman, and Stallone – Rambo. These are counted among the most sought-after illustrations by Tiago Hoisel.

Works of the artist of Tiago Hoisel strike with the creativity, brightness of paints and realness at the same time. Caricatures of celebrities are made so precisely what not to learn stars of show of business and other known people over whom Tiago Hoisel worked it is simply impossible.

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