American graphic artist of Daniel LuVisi

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The American artist, by means of computer programs and the talent creates remarkable drawings and illustrations to computer games and comics. Daniel LuVisi undertook the first attempts of drawing in three years when it was struck and inspired by a series of comics about the cherepashek-ninjia. For the creative career managed to work on the various known companies, among which such world brands, as: DC Comics, Hasbro, FOX, Universal, Microsoft, etc.

Painting, storyboard, design, shading and many other things is in all this the graphic artist from America feels, like a duck to water. It is possible to find a lot of things as it has no such direction from which it wouldn't recede in his creativity. Here both scenes of the future and fentezy fights with monsters, illustrations to known films (King Kong, the Stranger, the Predator, etc.) and obvious scenes from computer games. Now lives in Los Angeles and continues to work over illustrations to known games and comics.

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