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Graphic artist of Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen

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Magnificent graphic works from the Finnish designer of Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen. The highly skilled photomanipulator and the retoucher, lives and works in Helsinki, in the Powerflasher GmbH company. Creative creativity, 3D effects, refined structures and a talented creative were noted already by experts from many countries of the world.

Polish graphic designer of Peter Nowacki

The graphic designer from Poland which is the professional of the business. The boundless flight of fancy of Peter Nowacki and the last achievements in the field of computer painting and graphic programs helped to create this mad art. Many don't regard similar creativity as serious art so can, having looked at works of this Polish author, they will a little change the opinion.

Illustrator-caricaturist of Fred Harper

The artist-caricaturist of Fred Harper works in different genres. The caricatures he can draw on the celebrities, known characters, films, books and even any own invented worlds.

In America he is very known illustrator. The editions "Time", "The Wall Street Journal", "The New York Times", "The Village Voice", "Sports Illustrated" cooperate with it and many other. Extraordinary talented inventor it draws not simply ridiculous mugs on an empty background as do many other, but places them on a certain Wednesday characteristic or not characteristic for which that character undertook to represent. Qualitatively, creatively, beautifully, unusually, colourfully, professionally!!!

American graphic artist of Daniel LuVisi

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The American artist, by means of computer programs and the talent creates remarkable drawings and illustrations to computer games and comics. Daniel LuVisi undertook the first attempts of drawing in three years when it was struck and inspired by a series of comics about the cherepashek-ninjia. For the creative career managed to work on the various known companies, among which such world brands, as: DC Comics, Hasbro, FOX, Universal, Microsoft, etc.

Painting, storyboard, design, shading and many other things is in all this the graphic artist from America feels, like a duck to water. It is possible to find a lot of things as it has no such direction from which it wouldn't recede in his creativity. Here both scenes of the future and fentezy fights with monsters, illustrations to known films (King Kong, the Stranger, the Predator, etc.) and obvious scenes from computer games. Now lives in Los Angeles and continues to work over illustrations to known games and comics.

Computer graphics of Guilherme Marconi

Characteristic handwriting of this graphic designer, the big heap of elements, whether it be plush toys or butterflies or something another which in the chaos represent improbable harmony and unity is. The illustrator who draws by means of computer programs and whose works you for certain saw earlier as images on T-shirts or musical disks, lives and works in Brazil. Already it is for a long time estimated by right, as the unsurpassed master of computer graphics and photo processing at Photoshop. Created illustrations for such companies, as: Nokia, Absolut Vodka, Vodafone, MTV Brasil, etc.

Javier Gonzalez Pacheco pictures

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The unique Spanish artist creates the pictures by mixture two art practician. For creation of pictures and the drawings Javier Gonzalez Pacheco uses a water color and graphic programs. All creativity of this Spaniard is filled with positive emotions and bright paints of summer. The tremendous equipment showing a certain skreshcheniye of neo-impressionism and a pointillism.

Neon art of Tony Ariawan

Selection of works of the Indonesian digital artist of Tony Ariawan. Yagukarta was born in. Being the big experimenter, he achieved big successes in 2d and 3d to graphics, and also in such directions of digital art, as: Digital Art, Illustration, Design, etc. Probably, such creativity, already also isn't new, despite use of the last technologies in the sphere of computer graphics, however in its works characteristic style and the handwriting inherent only in this author is accurately traced. Its illustrations in the form of neon silhouettes of people are especially known.

Vector graphics from Torka

Strange, amusing, a little mystical illustrations from the graphic designer of Torka. Beings, who, it seems, should frighten (ghosts, ghosts, monsters) in this vector graphics get absolutely innocent images. From here we can make the conclusion that, most likely, such positive creativity was created and calculated on children's audience. In own way it is quite original, executed very qualitatively, and the main thing - cheers up.

Digital painting of Bart Van Leeuwen

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Very gifted and versatile artist who chose digital painting for realization of the creative potential. Obvious surrealism with sarcastic implication, humour notes in each work and even a hint on social problems. The author says about the works that this heap of political mistakes. That he means it is not known, it and isn't surprising - surrealists always liked everything to complicate and confuse.

British artists of Jonny Duddle

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The remarkable artist, the designer, the illustrator from Great Britain. It is difficult to find a niche in painting in which it wouldn't work. Fantasy, surrealism, realism, concept, cyberpunk and many other things. All this the artist of Jonny Duddle who is the true professional modern artist. Probably, for it it is loved also by numerous admirers of creativity worldwide - for its many-sided nature. Its drawings with a large number of details are especially appreciated. In such variety it is very difficult to get confused even to the professional artist, but Johnny with it consults with ease.

No wonder that for talent, various publishing houses and producers of computer games began to invite this artist. For the career it illustrated a set of books and made unforgettable registration to several games.

Christophe Vacher fantasy artist French

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The artist-fantast from France draws not only on free subjects, but also is engaged in registration and animation where his talent as is impossible by the way. In particular it works with the animated company Walt Disney most known in the world. Its works, generally it is backgrounds, it is possible to observe in such animated films, as: The humpback from Notre Dame, the Impetuous Brain, A Goofy Movie, the Dinosaur, Oat-flakes, Tarzan, Shark Tale and the 9th director Tim Barton.

Except the main profession of Christophe Vacher works and over own projects – pictures and drawings which with pleasure accept various art galleries. Generally the subject of his pictures is a fantasy, a fantasy, scenes from the past of times of dinosaurs. Having seen gallery of its works, the feeling that returned from fascinating travel in which passed a way from primitive pangolins before the futuristic future is created.

Fashionable illustrator of Celia Calle

Looking at works of this artist, apparently, that modern illustrators invented any style of painting or graphics to which already should think up long ago the name.

Illustrative art is capable to surprise and give pleasure not less, than works of the greatest painters. Such art it to be pleasant to much already only because it very simple for concept and perception and it it is possible to understand, having looked at the image only once. Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that modern illustrators and in particular Celia Calle, are adherents of style pop art which is calculated on mass public. In it there is nothing bad if the professional of the business and talent from god is engaged in an illustration.

The Artist as Philanthropist | ARTnews

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The Artist as Philanthropist | ARTnews

In the wake of the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina, in August 2005, representatives of the New York–based Joan Mitchell Foundation reached out to the arts community in New Orleans in an effort to help. After corresponding with individual artists and arts-organization leaders, says Carolyn Somers, the foundation’s executive director, “we realized that returning to the studio and finding a way to continue to make work following the flooding of the city” was a major challenge for New Orleans artists.

In September 2005, the foundation made its first emergency grants to artists who were adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina, and in the years since, it has provided more than $3 million in support to both individual artists and arts organizations in New Orleans. By 2007, the foundation had concluded that the city’s infrastructure for supporting artists, even before the disaster, was “fragile” at best.

In the summer of 2010 the foundation made its first real-estate acquisition in New Orleans: a bed-and-breakfast in foreclosure on an acre and a half of land near the city center that was once part of a Creole plantation. It is now being transformed into an artists’ community.

Miss Van. Known painters of the graffiti scene

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Miss Van started wall-painting in the streets at the age of 18, initiating the feminine movement in street art. Miss Van’s sultry female characters began to pop up on city center walls in the mid 1990s, they instantly possessed a timeless quality, as if women had always painted such graffiti in the streets. She is now exhibiting all around the world from NY to LA, Europe (France, Switzerland, Germnay, Spain, Italy, UK, etc.), and Asia. She has shown in art centers and museums as the city gallery of Schwaz in Austria (curator : Karin Perrnegger), the Baltic Art Center in the UK or the Von der Heydt Museum, Kunsthalle in Wuppertal, Germany. She has shown with some of the greatest artists now as Os Gemeos, Mike Giant, Banksy, Faile, Shepard Fairey, Barry Mcgee, Ryan McGinness, Takashi Murakami, Ed Templeton, and many others.

Herakut - known artists of graffiti

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Herakut – the street team consisting of two people. Herakut are the professionals recognized around the world in style of graffiti. Herakut is a symbiosis of two nicknames, Hera and Akut. Both graffitchik are natives of Germany. They got acquainted quite recently - in 2004 when were invited to the Spanish festival of sidewalk artists of Urban ArtFestival Sevilla. Up to this point they knew about each other only by hearsay.

After acceptance of the decision to work together they made by them the almost impossible. In the creativity they achieved very harmonious tandem in spite of the fact that initially their styles very much differed. Akut – the man, prefers classical painting and the correct receptions of drawing even on walls, Hera – the girl more, prefers spontaneous graphics which was born here and now in her head. When they work together, both graffitchik admit, never beforehand know what to turn out as a result as each of them works almost independently.

Artist os Brad Rigney

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Brad Rigney, was born on December 23 1970, there lives in the USA, the freelancer. Generally draws gloomy / a picture horror: "because I think that it abruptly", is told by Brad. "I do not like to admit it, but the impatience, fear and my envy to talent of other people, were my best instructors and teachers".

Before passing to digital painting of Brad Rigney wanted to become the sculptor, but he had to refuse it because of some circumstances. Though now also is such programs as ZBrush and Mudbox, Brad decided to devote itself only 2D to the direction.

Artist of Ruan Jia

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Ruan Jia was born in China in 1983. Got education at high school. Independently studied features of digital painting, conceptual art and also 3D modeling. Now Ruan works as the digital artist in the Chinese company - the developer of the games NetDragon Websoft Inc, with headquarters in Fuzhou, the capital of the Province of Fujian.

Artist of Tiago Hoisel

The artist from Brazil by name of Tiago Hoysel (Tiago Hoisel), the illustrator and the designer, it is known for the works for the most various advertizing companies.

Besides, it also does amusing caricatures on known characters of show business and sports or represents animated heroes - with tremendous realism.

Jumping from one creative piece of his work to another, you will also come across the caricature of some of the popular Hollywood characters portrayed in 3D style. His genre will introduce you to the caricatures of Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Hugh Jackman, and Stallone – Rambo. These are counted among the most sought-after illustrations by Tiago Hoisel.

Works of the artist of Tiago Hoisel strike with the creativity, brightness of paints and realness at the same time. Caricatures of celebrities are made so precisely what not to learn stars of show of business and other known people over whom Tiago Hoisel worked it is simply impossible.

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