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Instagram downright teeming with sheets of stars, travelers and humorous video blog. And yet, it is the abode of talented artists. And the beauty they create the most different subjects. This material is for 20 people, on whose work can peep in Instagrame. The dose of creativity can be drawn in the morning for a cup of tea or an evening relaxing on the couch. Going through marvelous positions, convinced that we should not simply have no right to hide their passion for the art of the rest of the world. Anaesh
Anaesh Ana Enshina - an artist from London - regularly puts his work in Instagram. She even has a shop for sale wonderful watercolors. Ana favored themes: animals, nature; sometimes slip portraits of people and landscapes.
Brooklyn Street Art

Jaime Rojo invented photographic project: it finds and photographs the street art around the world. Most of the pictures are made on a regular phone.

C + C Mini Factory
C + C Mini Factory - a factory of small things. With the help of small figurines recreated entire life scenes. The uniqueness is that the main characters - animals, which often perform weird things.

Elena Limkina

And here is a freelancer from Russia (Moscow). Look at her awesome watercolor drawings. Elena likes to portray the architecture, birds, plants, and even the skeletons of animals
Hey Studio

Spanish design studio (Barcelona) on creative prints, banners, business cards, stickers and in fact on any surfaces where you can be creative.
Ida Skivenes

This unique Norwegian works of art ... food! Ida creates delicious, terribly attractive, edible art directly from the product. Well, you just take a look!
Jacqueline Poirier

Artists living in Canada (Toronto) also operates gastronomic attributes. Namely, draws on the plates. Moreover, it can be painted as a food, and portraits with landscapes. Very amusing account!
Javier Perez

Javier Perez have its own approach to art. I mean extremely unusual Under "own"! He fancifully combines its minimalist sketches with real objects of reality: pechenyushkami, pencil shavings and ... Clothes hangers
Joana Wirazka

Before you self-taught artist and her sudden canvases. The surprise is that it draws on the entire row: envelopes, coasters, sometimes on paper and very often on the leaves! Inspires her, obviously, the whole world in its diversity.

Justin Maller

And Justin Maller's digital, so to speak, an artist from the United States (New York). Justin Inspired by the fantastic stories. So in your account you can meet Batman, Wolverine, Terminator and master Yoda. By the way, all the figures are geometric. Symmetry some figures arguing with other asymmetries.

Lily Stockman

Graduate of Harvard Lily shows in your account a love for nature, people, art, and his Dalmatian. Amazing collection of photos. Here and plants, and people go about their business, and lots of other seemingly ordinary scenes of life. But you're flipping and flipping ...
Lorraine Loots
Lorraine creates thumbnail images of animals, plants, books and so on. Striking detail of paintings, given their size: the average size of not more than one and a half centimeters.
Manolo Saviantoni

Italian artist, whose building material - pixels! Of the small squares Manolo adds recognizable images. His works are eagerly take away the creators of games and mobile applications.
Mariya Suzuki

Maria draws people and objects everywhere to everywhere you went. The material at hand is different: Mary became a favorite paper cups. In his sketches the artist manages to grasp the nature of every human being.
Nikolai Tolstoy

Another talented compatriot. Nicholas makes a very interesting pictures. His style is certainly unique: he cuts a hole in the sheet of paper in the shape of animals. And then uses a camera and a variety of backgrounds to give his "drawings" color. Delightfully.
Red Hongyi

Native of Malaysia knows no bounds in the skilled research. Her material is getting around: food, utensils, paper, paint, feathers, and iron. I at all desire can not describe this to you. Take a look for yourself at the riot of imagination Ed!
Roy Mallari
Roy - photographer. He photographed his imagination with which the problems clearly has not. He picks up leaves, twigs, eggshells (this number is infinite), and creates installations for your photos.
Runner Kim Hall

This account restless inventor conquer lovers of ease and animals. I visited it this emotion when I gaze at strange and funny composition in soft colors. Her snow-white dog - the cherry on the cake!

Yuri likes to decorate and eat nice food. By the way, almost everything she eats, has a face funny. It's incredibly funny. However kinder world if every person was smiling his food! And Yuri published photos of his 2-year-old cat.
Zoe Williams

Zoe Account - white world felt. She is dragged along from his rabbits, cats, guinea pigs and even unicorns. 90% of the batt zoo - white as snow!

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