Digital artist Michael Kutche: aspiration to reality

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The digital artist – a profession rather difficult as to draw by means of graphic editors not easy. However it in it also attracts Michael Kutsche.

Michael Kutsche is the native of Germany, recent in the American Los Angeles.
According to him, the digital artist has woken up in him far not at once. In the childhood he wasn't interested in the fine arts at all, however, at teenage age has begun to draw and has understood that he wants to connect the life with this craft.

The European and American art critics consider that a combination various the technician, used by Michael, creates the realistic image of parallel realities. His pictures remind scenes from comics or movies, to some art critics in them sendings to fladmandsky painting of Renaissance seem. It is worth noticing what to the Heap has no art education, he was trained in all skills of drawing independently. As a result, Michael has developed the own style not similar to works of other artists.
The digital artist Michael Kutsche took part during creation of the movie of Tim Burton "Alice in Wonderland", and also Kenneth Brana's "Torah". In parallel with work in the film industry he continues to work on own projects – illustrations for books, besides, a lot of time is taken away by exhibitions of his creativity.

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