The coolest, that was painted on the walls or found cities in the world for a month.

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Street art, which considers the whole world as one big canvas, the fastest growing of all the existing art forms. He's ready to challenge unless the graphic and industrial design, but they are most often applied and thoroughly commercial. A street art - primarily a social phenomenon. Reflects society and its aspirations.
Every month around the world have hundreds of notable works.

Tudela, Spain
 Benes, Czech Republic
 Copenhagen, Denmark
 Grottaglie, Italy
 Lodz, Poland
 Virpazar, Montenegro
 Lodz, Poland
 Seattle, USA
 Dublin, Ireland
Street art project to "fix his city." Artists just being finished breakaway pieces of Lego.
 Ordenes, Spain
 All love!
 Michigan, USA
Meet - Slaggo. So David Zinn decorated streets of the city.
 Perm, Russia
 Ekaterinburg, Russia
 Ekaterinburg, Russia
 South Africa
 Busan, South Korea
Hendrik Baykirh depicted elderly sailor on a skyscraper height of 70 meters.
 Bratislava, Slovakia
"Hi, baby!" (Author - Mira Mirart)
 Berlin, Germany

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