Huge selection of the best examples of street art from Slava PTRK, one of the most talented street artists in Russia.

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Street art conquers all the more space is more profound thoughts and beauty in the world. Editorial monthly selects the most interesting examples of street art, but also interested in the opinion of the street artists.
Glory PTRK of Yekaterinburg StreetArt gathered all that impressed him over the summer. Get a few dozen very large-scale works and steep.

New pictures of the most famous street artist Banksy on the Olympic Games in London.
Big, really big job from the whole super-team of writers: BELIN, CHAS, SMUG, ZEDZ, FECKS, HMX, NASH, KOFIE, SMUG & FECKS.
The network has several sets of photos from the Barcelona event POBLEDUBSEC, which took part in Aryz, Asia, Btoy, Dios, Eledu, Eox, Flan, J-Loca, Kram, Malakkai, Meibol, Mr Kern, Nados, Owen, Saturno, Sawe, Sendys, Sixe, Skum, Turquesa, Uriginal and Xupet. Some of it we've seen before, something else does not pop up on the net.

New picture from the guys from the team of 140 IDEAS - "SAVE THE RAPTORS" in Sofia, Bulgaria. Excellent portrayal and elaboration of an eagle, an interesting visual snag - well, good job guys.

New works inimitable SatOne

LILIWENN & BOM.K made ​​a new high and the detail of the image in Brest, France. Picture a really nice to have something porazglyadyvat, poizuchat.

Giant new drawing from the brothers Os Gemeos in Boston. All of the upper class, as always.
Giant collaboration of Simon Hjermind Jensen, Theis Wendt, Anders Schmidt and Silas Inoue in Copenhagen.

New Wizard of dead animals ROA.

A guy named Tone (in the world Robert Proch) made ​​an unreal facade within Scabb Festival. The second, equally cool facade is made in Slovenia.

Most recently, in Malaysia there were works by the artist Ernest Zacharevic, which attracted the attention to the creativity. Its interactive figures involved real objects: a bicycle, motorcycle and the facades of houses.
New picture of Mark Gmehling in Magdeburg, Germany.
Large and very thoroughly researched picture of Case in Germany. Terrific job.

Herakut duo took a new picture of Bristol. As always - big and very cool.
A couple of new pictures BLU in Spain and Italy.

New drawings Erica il Cane in Italy, Spain and Slovakia.
New drawing certain Skount in Tel Aviv.

New drawings M-city in Poland. And he's doing it with the help of stencils!

Most collaboration of NICOLAS BARROME & LOWBROS & DULK in Manchester. The work is very good, sorry no large images to view this beauty.

Great new facade of Interezni Kazki.

New drawings unique El Mac.

Summer jobs explosive Vhils.

The new facade by Shepard Fairey in Paris.
Sam3 took a new job in his native Spain at the festival Festival d'Art Urbà.
Recent work Conor Harrington.
Summer jobs Etam Crew. They are, incidentally, came this summer in Kazan.

Nychos Flying Fortress and had a very productive summer - made ​​new large drawings in Dublin and Detroit. Styles of these two artists is quite organically complemented each other.

Big and beautiful work of How & Nosm in Philadelphia called 'Personal Melody'.
New drawing by Etnik.
Shaka, which, incidentally, makes a stunning gallery-operation with the effects 3D, recently made ​​a large and beautiful picture in Melun, France.
Phlegm was very productive this summer. We decided to choose a few pictures of all the things a large number of works, which he made over the summer months.

A new big work of the master 3D: Daim made ​​a great facade in Italy.
New drawing by Gaia in Washington.
Pathetic figure Azores to Spain. Come back to me!
Pathetic figure Azores to Spain. Come back to me!
New work Faith47 in New York at the festival Wall Therapy.
Spanish street artist Liqen Participating in Walk & Talk and Wall Therapy, where he made for large-scale work.

The grand design of Sueme within the advertising company new movie about Batman.
Derek Besant did a great "hornblende" in Toronto.
Aryz made ​​two great new work. One in Copenhagen, the other elsewhere in Denmark.

Steep figure by Eduardo Kobra in Los Angeles.
A great big picture of David Ellis, performed on the pavement in Brooklyn.
New works Pixelpancho

Megx painted one of the bridges in Germany under Lego. It was very realistic.
You ever seen a 82-foot container of paint MTN 94? No? So are we. But Jeaze Oner & Resa Oner made ​​such recently.

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