The use of tablets in digital publishing.

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Story Insight - a digital publisher of the new generation, which develops and publishes interactive multimedia books and comics. Products publisher focused on modern readers who prefer the benefits of digital content.
In Story Insight believe that the classic "paper" media is already a thing of the past. The reader is increasingly prefer paper books tablet computers like the iPad. Publisher produces interactive stories, intended for viewing with tablet PCs. After all, on their screens all the pictures come to life, and comics get very similar to the cartoons!

The collection of books to find something that will please fans of any genre - science fiction, fantasy, vampire stories, horror, and even educational publications. Now publishers are working on projects for 8 studios, in which about 18 jobs equipped professional pen tablet Wacom Intuos. and their number is growing steadily.
Artists studios use Wacom products for many years - not only at work but also at home. "When a new generation of tablets - Intuos5, many reacted to innovation with a healthy skepticism - says Vladislav S. Cherepanov, producer and supervisor of top studio - After the basic parameters Intuos 5L little from Intuos 4L."
So should change something, if the most important parameters - pressure sensitivity and resolution of the tablet work surface - not changed?

It turned out - worth it. Most of the work was useful support for working with his hands and the ability to manually adjust individual gestures. For example, using your fingers, you can easily rotate the canvas, resize image, and perform many other actions. Earlier this often had to reach for the keyboard.
Of ergonomic innovations are most attracted the attention of a more pleasant surface and the "tightness" of buttons. Earlier, on older models, the gaps between the unit and the buttons quickly was packed inevitable ubiquitous garbage. Over time, this made ​​it difficult to press, and looked generally unaesthetic. Now, in a new model of Intuos 5L, buttons are softer, and the gap they do not have - they are completely covered with stretch film, so even accidentally spilled coffee on the tablet device will not bring down.
Become larger and the working surface on which can move the pen. Now it is a little larger than the active region. And the pen, going abroad, no longer falls into the gap that sometimes irritated in the plates of previous generations. In addition, feathers generations 4 and 5 proved to be fully compatible. As part of such a large organization as the publisher, is a great benefit. After the plates themselves are worn and fail more often than feathers.
Get used to the functions assigned to the buttons tablet even easier. Previously, in order to find the right button, had to look at the mini-display next to them. Or at least on the order of the buttons to determine the right one. Now simply touch a button with your finger. And before you hit it, visually, right on your computer screen, you will see a tool tip. It will be visible to all of the features of which marked the one listed above which your finger!
In short, thinking "go or no go" to a new generation of tablets dropped by itself as soon as the Story Insight bought a number of representative Intuos 5L. Cartoon characters even easier, and therefore, the era of interactive books became even closer.

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