English artists of graffiti stole the Olympic ring

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British in the legendary impudent manner savor a subject of Olympic Games. Alternative options super - the protected logo appear everywhere: from street graffiti to T-shirts, cocking a snook at the draconian measures dictating rules of commercial use of these rings connected among themselves.
This image which for the first time was issued in Bristol in the form of street by graffiti of Criminal Chalklist, became virus: it appears on T-shirts which are on sale on counters of shops on all country and in a network (try to look for an alternative/rough/ridiculous T-shirt on the subject of Olympic Games on Ebay).

The subject of rings emerges even in processing of a cover of a cult album Beatles "Abbey Road". They turned into toasts on the stations of Shorditch drawn with Toaster Crew. And sidewalk artist Teddie Baden imagined to itself a hot meeting of a dog and a talisman of Olympic Games of 2012 by name of Mandevil.
«It is simply small impudence.A little bit will complicate – typically British line. Any malicious intention», – Baden Associate Press told.
The Olympic officials who are responsible for protection of a logo, surprisingly tolerantly treat this satirical trick of local value, but they become extremely irreconcilable when owners of small business try to like this idea, spontaneously showing rings and torches.
 Some months before the floral artist in Stoke-on-Trent there was a choice: to clean a brown paper with the Olympic rings or to appear before the court for unauthorized use of the Olympic logo. Last week the street committee ordered to the owner of cafe to clean in Kembervell from a shop show-window croissants in the form of five connected rings, and, that Olympic Cafe in Streytforda should replace the name with Lympic Cafe absolutely ridiculously looks.

These very serious measures displease, including from the mayor of London Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) and the former marketing director of the International Olympic committee Michael Paine (Michael Payne). «It touches people», – he told Independent. «They understand that Coca-Cola paid, and Pepsi isn't present, therefore Coca-Cola should provide with soft drinks. But what here the general with a baguette in the form of a burning torch in cafe?»
It seems that today to sidewalk artists and jokers it should descend it from hands. «Prosecution of artists won't go on a hand to upholding of commercial interests of sponsors», – told Li Bofkin (Lee Bofkin) in interview to Global Street Art portal.

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