Warhol's children's sketch appeared a silly forgery – experts and a family of the artist are sure

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The British tourist Andy Filds (Andy Fields) did to noise in April of this year, having made the statement that it got for 5 dollars Andy Warhol's early sketch of the addict from Las Vegas.
On the sketch which was allegedly made by ten years' Warhol, on the abstract background consisting of green, orange and yellow small squares, singer Rudi Veli with bright red lips is represented. Филдс declared that Warhol's this unexpected youthful work is estimated at 2 million 100 thousand dollars. In July this work even should be exposed in Royal West of England Academy which director reported recently BBC that this work represents «huge revolution in the history of art», having added that «this portrait allows us to see sources of one of the greatest directions in art».

It is tremendous history. Unfortunately, it is too good to be the truth, if to trust those who knows Warhol's works.
 Gary Komenas (Gary Comenas) who conducts a site Warholstars.org, started to doubt authenticity of the sketch, acquired Fildsom, how it was published a month ago. On the site it collects opinions of a number of experts in Warhol, including critics, authors of books, members of the family of the artist and friends. Each assessment conducts to the conclusion that this youthful work is a forgery, and thus quite rough. Patrick Smith (Patrick Smith), the historian, the author of two books about Warhol («Andy Warhol's art and a cinema» and «Warhol: conversations on the artist»), says that drawing can't have analog in a context Warhol's art archive. «I never saw Warhol's any early drawing which at least bore a faint resemblance to this sketch with Veli's image. Thomas Kidrovski (Thomas Kiedrowski), author of the book «New York Andy Warhol. Four walks from the suburb to the center», agree with it:« In spite of the fact that recently appeared Warhol's good fakes, a find Fildsa it is easy to identify, her origin and uorkholovsky style are far from the original».

In the letter sent by e-mail, the brother of the late artist Paul Warhol (Paul Warhola) explains that, generally speaking, Warhol's family told to Fildsu that this work doesn't belong to Warhol. «In it there is no that it was typical for its manner of drawing, and the signature isn't so similar to the original. This work even close isn't similar to early Warhol», – he speaks.

Some details in the history Fildsa also forces to doubt its reliability. For example, the British tourist argues that Warhol presented drawing to the nurse which with it sat in the childhood; thus the family of the artist didn't confirm that the nurse to which he refers, really so called. Филдс also tells that found out Warhol's sketch in the folder of drawings of Gertrude Stein (Gertrude Stein) that again testifies to a fake: the professor of Stanford University Wanda Korn (Wanda Corn) told to Komenas that Stein «never drew and wasn't engaged in any type of visual arts, and the signature in drawing doesn't belong».


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