Selecting The Perfect Work Of Art

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It sometimes seems to me that life is all about opinions. Can you imagine how boring everything would be, if we all had the same attitudes? This is certainly true when we consider the way in which different people react to works of art.

This may be most obviously demonstrated by reactions to modern art. Some people look at creations from the likes of Damien Hirst and see something that inspires thought, or a truly stunning reaction. Others feel moved to question whether such creations really represent what art should be about.

In some senses, these responses can be quite instructive. Just as we react in that way to major, famous installations, so it should come as no surprise that we have similar reactions when looking at reproductions, or artworks that have been commissioned for individuals.

What does this mean to you, if you're looking to buy a work of art? It certainly indicates that the selection process is likely to be a very personal affair and that there is a danger in assuming that you'll be able to choose something that will appeal to you and to everyone else in your life. We can see that the reality is that you are unlikely to be able to guess how others are going to react.

Of course, it can also be seen that the decision will be influenced by where you are expecting to place the piece. There may be an intention to include it within a room inside your own home. If that's the case, you'll want to be sure that you make a good choice.

Having artworks within the home is certainly something that is to be recommended, since they add something special to your surroundings. You may be tempted to make choices that are based on how you believe that other people will react. When I think about such issues, I constantly feel that it makes much more sense to consider your own opinions.

There's a fair chance that you'll be looking at a sculpture or a painting for many years to come. This means that it would appear to be silly to select something based on the preferences of others. It's much more important to choose a piece that you will enjoy.

You may, of course, find yourself thinking about the particular setting. It's likely that your home is somewhere that you'll be spending a lot of time, so there's clearly value in ensuring that you are happy with your surroundings.

by Simon Barnett

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