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Friday, June 1, 2012 · Posted in

The British artists Felix Heyz (Felix Heyes) and Ben West (Ben West) printed the book in which words from the English dictionary and the images found the searcher of Google by these words are compared.

Into the book entered 21 thousand words, and its volume made 1240 pages. For book drawing up artists wrote a script which takes the first image from Google delivery on each of dictionary words. Then the second script arranged all pictures in three columns and created the PDF file which was printed and issued in the form of the book with the name "Google".

As specifies a site Creative Applications, West admitted that about a half of the book is occupied by unpleasant medical photos, a pornography, racism and “bad animated films”. The artist called the turned-out collection “not filtered reflection” cultures as of 2012.

The book isn't on sale, however her founders plan to organize release of its copies. While on Heyz and West sites the video on which in the accelerated mode each page of the book is shown is published.

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