The modern art in a format of art home concerts can acquaint people with eternal truth

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Irena Trots, is known in Kiev as the organizer historical «Zamkovs of balls», decided to test on itself more and more popular format of carrying out cultural actions – an art home concert.

The project purpose «Remove your footwear» – language of the modern art to acquaint people with the eternal truth put in the Bible. Uniqueness of the project that for its realization the correct format – an art home concert was chosen. «This format is good that the artist can play by the rules, instead of according to requirements of gallery or following expectations of the viewer, – the author of idea Irena Trots speaks. – The art home concert is more author's space, where exactly you set the fashion and governed».

According to Irena Trots, not in each gallery the artist can realize all the plans and use the most creative receptions. «Not in each gallery would allow to fill sand on a floor. And in what gallery of people would agree to remove the footwear? But the main thing – filling of an exhibition dictated such form. This message which it is necessary to inform to bigger number of people, the appeal to biblical themes, would be desirable, that it wasn't too formal, as if lecture or ritual action. In this context the biblical theme looks unexpectedly and at the same time very naturally and convincingly», – the organizer of an art home concert speaks.

Irena is sure that an art home concert – not that case when all is planned and pays off beforehand: «I "saw" in the beginning the exhibition project “Remove your footwear”, and it is very detailed, in details. Then the giving form – an art home concert was born also. And though I had an arrangement with gallery where last year did the exhibition, I realized that in space of gallery I can not speak about realization of the dream. Therefore we decided to make it in the apartment. Our further plans include increase in scale of an exhibition and representation to its general public».

One more advantage of this format that the circle invited to such action is rather narrow – usually is the closest acquaintances of the author. «For me it was important to receive feedback of close friends because the thing it was innovative — Irena Trots speaks. – And I am happy with effect. People agreed to accept my rules. For example, before one of «rooms with sense» the plate «Lay remove the footwear from your feet». It was some provocation in the apartment where a floor still concrete, but we laid it white fur».

Thus, all expositions were perfectly entered in an apartment interior without repair, but with fine panoramic a view of Kiev. Among exhibits of «a bible room» there were tables – with inscriptions in Russian and English «God is Love». In Irena Trots's plans to make similar tables of larger format and being displayed as puzzles: «When tables were broken, messages of God are lost. When the person puts, he personally feels need of that they should be collected». Also in a room there was an exhibit connected with a parable about five talents. And – a two-meter wing of an angel with ceramic golden plumelets, Irena's author's equipment.

Help. Irena Trots – the author of idea and the head of a production center "Renaissance", from the 2007th carries out in Ukraine «Zamkovye balls». Among guests of honor of balls prince Lorenso de Medici, baroness Tatyana Shteyngeyl already visited, etc.

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