German artists turn the Sydney opera theater into epic work of a video art

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The fourth year the Vivid Sydney festival lights fires in a seaport, turning traditional platforms into effective space of light, music and new ideas.
The big holiday for the creative industry and the largest festival such in the southern hemisphere, Vivid Sydney, will last till June 11. The festival of this year passes with success, as well as improbably successful festival of 2011 which more than 400 thousand guests and which, according to the Guardian version, was called the best festivals of fresh ideas visited.

 The Vivid Sydney 2012 festival charged to German art collective URBANSCREEN which is engaged in bolsheformatny projections, to make the new project which could change a roof sail of the well-known building of the Sydney opera theater of architect Yorn Uttson (Jørn Utzon) to unrecognizability. In this amazing work the unique plastic form of Opera theater and its role as the house of music, dance and the drama that was embodied in at the same time difficult and entertainment projection is investigated. Cвоим throwing down a gravitation challenge on a roof which turns the well-known sails into an ephemeral pulsing material, URBANSCREEN surpassed by dance of figures all expectations existing concerning this surprising project.
Big installations for large art galleries, the international festivals and opera troupes of German art group lifted a light projection, video maping and to moushen-graphics to unprecedented before heights. The latest works show versatile and sensitive interaction with architecture: from CC on an imagined subject of “555 Kubik” on the Hamburg Kunsthalle and Mozart's operas "Idomeneus" at the Bremen theater before celebration in honor of 100-year anniversary of Museum quarter in Vienna that involves public attention in a musical approach to art institutions of creative director Torsten Bauer (Thorsten Bauer).

URBANSCREEN also participates in the Vivid LIVE festival (till June 3) which is led at the initiative of artists. In its program – special displays, unique events and the Australian prime ministers. Legendary, appreciable and young artists can make scenic space, the foyer, rehearsal halls and sound recording studios of the Sydney opera the property, and to create something serious and innovative, as well as architecture.

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