The artist draws sex

Friday, June 1, 2012 · Posted in

Alexander Eskverra, the artist from New York, invented ideal proportions in which it is necessary to mix love and art. It is known that they go for a long time hand in hand. It provides to pairs place where they can have sex, and after night of love to take away home a souvenir – a work of art which is born from them «the miracle act».

Pairs put on a body nontoxical paints on a water basis, and then behave how to them will like, settling down on a canvas outspread on a floor. The result usually is a fine sample of the modern art. The concept acquired great popularity therefore the artist turned it into profitable business under the name «Love and paints». Cost of art session in a hotel room makes from 2 500 dollars. About fifty pairs used services of the artist already.

 The 30-year-old artist remembers that for the first time to it this idea came to the head after night of love in a magnificent dining room. He decided to embody artly this moment, having passed through sex because our bodies cooperate and by that influence space.

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