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The Swedish artist of Alexander Jansson was late in the childhood as his creativity is through penetrated by magic and the fairy tale a little. Considering its drawings, kind works of known storytellers where in the far, dark and mysterious woods there live trolls and elves, kind magicians and malicious sorcerers, courageous knights and the bewitched princesses at once are remembered. Legends, popular beliefs and fairy tales find new life on paper and a canvas near at hand this remarkable artist.

In our hard time such positive with a magic raid as is impossible by the way. If to trust the author, in such mints he and grew. In sense not in the far woods together with the invented characters, and in a deaf small village of Sweden where all these fairy tales also are born. All admirers of a fantasy admire its fantastic worlds which are executed is so realistic and it is attractive. Stories from life of the wood people cling the viewer not worse than a fishing hook. Houses on trees, Alexander Jansson occupied Gothic landscapes, the cities and villages characters from the Swedish legends and legends. In the modern world the place only in pictures of this artist and the illustrator was them.

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