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Herakut – the street team consisting of two people. Herakut are the professionals recognized around the world in style of graffiti. Herakut is a symbiosis of two nicknames, Hera and Akut. Both graffitchik are natives of Germany. They got acquainted quite recently - in 2004 when were invited to the Spanish festival of sidewalk artists of Urban ArtFestival Sevilla. Up to this point they knew about each other only by hearsay.

After acceptance of the decision to work together they made by them the almost impossible. In the creativity they achieved very harmonious tandem in spite of the fact that initially their styles very much differed. Akut – the man, prefers classical painting and the correct receptions of drawing even on walls, Hera – the girl more, prefers spontaneous graphics which was born here and now in her head. When they work together, both graffitchik admit, never beforehand know what to turn out as a result as each of them works almost independently.

Akut was engaged in street art when he was only 14 years old. It is that age when it would be desirable to engage in hooliganism and express itself any business, including creativity. Hera also was engaged in a razrisovyvaniye of walls in 14 years. It long couldn't find herself in this style, yet didn't oppose itself realistic graffiti. She admits that though her workmate and was sidewalk artist very known in Germany, his creativity at all it didn't inspire, another matter when they began to work together.

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Their style is very recognizable around the world. Them love for the unique style created on contrasts. The flight of fancy and professionalism of painting do conclusive masterpieces, be they are drawn on walls of houses or on a cloth in studio.


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